supremeSchwank Black Infrared Heater


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supremeSchwank Black Infrared Heater

Extend your patio season and increase your revenue!

Heating your outdoor patio is essential for any restaurant owner looking to maximize profits. By creating a comfortable outdoor environment restaurant owners can benefit from additional seats in the colder months of the year.

The supremeSchwank allows restaurant owners to create a comfortable outdoor atmosphere for thier customers allowing them to stay longer and spend more.

Experience Counts: Schwank is the worldwide market leader and most trusted brand with over 2 million heating appliances sold.


  • Made with 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel to prevent rusting
  • Sleek Black enclosure to enhance the aesthetics of your patio
  • Overhead mounting leaves more space for seating and keeps aisles clear
  • Built in gas lines eliminate portable propane tanks, making the patio more efficient on your gas bill and safer for customers

Turn the heat up!…or down. The 2-Stage supremeSchwank provides controlled comfort for your patio with the flick of a switch. Make patio season last all year long by creating the perfect temperature and comfort level to attract more customers and increase your profits.

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This heater is certified for use outdoors. Schwank warrants that the heater will operate as designed for patio use in wind conditions up to 10 MPH . Higher wind speeds exceeding 10 MPH can adversely affect heater performance and human comfort conditions on the patio.

What is “Outdoor”?: supremeSchwank Black Infrared Heater

An appliance approved for “outdoor use” may be installed with shelter no more inclusive than:

  • With walls on all sides, but with no overhead cover, (overhead permanently open)
  • Or Within a partial enclosure which includes an overhead cover and no more than two side walls. These side walls may be parallel, as in a breezeway, or at right angle to each other. The open sides must be permanently open
  • Or Within a partial enclosure which includes an overhead cover and three side walls, as long as 30 percent or more of the horizontal periphery of the enclosure is permanently open.


Fuel Source

Natural Gas, Liquid Propane


23,000, 35,000, 50,000


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