SchwankAir 2572EH Surface Mount, Electric Heat (208v)


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SchwankAir 2500 Series Air Curtains

SchwankAir 2572EH Surface Mount, Electric Heat – The All-New SchwankAir 2500 Series easily mounts on any door up to 11.5 feet high in order to create an air seal to keep conditioned air in the building and keep dust, dirt, and insects out. Multiple units can be stacked together for larger door widths. The SchwankAir 2500 Series boasts a higher CFM in order to create an even better air seal.

  • Available in ambient, electric, and water models for any type of application
  • Available in 71.9″ length, 208V/3ph model
  • All units are available in optional heated models
  • All units are available in optional recessed air curtain models
  • Wall brackets and ceiling mounting points supplied for surface mount units
  • SchwankAir wired controller and door switch included Door Heights: Up to 11.5 feet

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SchwankAir 2572EH Surface Mount

SchwankAir 2572EH Surface Mount, Electric Heat –  newest top of class high efficiency air curtain provides excellent control of heat/cool loss in conditioned spaces allowing for lower energy costs. This new series also prevents flying insect protection. Common uses are retail doors such as restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, storage facilities. These products are easy to install and comes with a 120V plug, 2 speeds, a remote control and door switch, coverage for doors 3′, 4′ & 5′ or double up for wider applications.

All SchwankAir 2500 series models are available in an optional recessed model to blend in perfectly with any structure. This unit sits flush with your structure and hides it to provide the same energy savings without sacrificing looks.


SchwankAir English 2500 Series v1.3

SchwankAir 2500 Surface Mounted Manual-1A