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UBZ-100 Unit Heater Unit equipped for natural gas aluminized steel heat exchanger singe-stage valve 115/60 supply voltage Blower Guard only for units with direct drive motors Dual Certification for Installation in Canada and USA CC6 Horz Vent Term IDF 75-125 Kit UX/UZ 100/125 CD1 OPT Vert Louvers Kit CD12 Inlet Guard Only UBX/UBZ 30-125 Kit UBX/Z Ax4 CDP Duct Flange 100/125 CE1 VAlve Manual 1/2" with Union PH CK10 Swivels 7 PT 3/8 F/B/Oil Thermostat HW T812C1000 50-90 Deg
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Model UDZ gas-fired, separated combustion unit heaters are great for space heating applications. These models use outside air for combustion to prevent dirt, lint, dust or other contaminants in the indoor atmosphere from being burned. Model UDZ are available in 14 sizes ranging from 30,000 to 400,000 BTUH gas input and are approved for installation in the United States and Canada by ETL.

Model UDZ unit heaters feature a two-tone black and white powder coated, scratch-resistant paint scheme with a single red louver. Each unit has clean rounded corners and edges with no visible screws or fasteners. The bottom of the unit is embossed with the Reznor logo.

For air circulation, model UDZ uses an axial propellor fan.




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