RDTF Round Damper with Low Leak Seals and Belimo TF Power Open / Spring Closed motor


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The young Regulator Model RDTF is a commercial quality, round damper with a two-position, spring-return, Belimo TF motor. It is available in either 24V or 120V.

The TF Actuator features a rugged brushless motor which delivers 18 in.lbs. of torque. It is available with an optional auxiliary switch to facilitate your control requirements.

Applications include: zone controls, outside air, exhaust air vents, although they maybe used to control air in any system duct.

  • RDTF-PO* Power Open / Spring Closed
  • RDTF-PC  Power Closed / Spring Open

Carrys a standard 5- Year Warranty

24V*/120V/240V motors available.

*indicates standard




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