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This is a unique and patented* solution to the common thermostat retrofit problem of missing or broken wires.

The auxiliary switch multiplexes control signals over as few as two existing wires without any limitation on power consumption at the thermostat. This solution ensures you have a reliable communication link to the thermostat.

*US Patents 7,922,100: 7,737,762; other patents pending

Feature & Benefits

  • Controls installation costs by reducing installation time
  • Eliminates the need to run additional wiring
  • Allows a single signal (W, Y or G) to be multiplexed over a common wire
  • Supports single and dual transformer installations
  • Supports both heat pump and conventional systems
  • Provides short circuit protection through a self-resetting thermal fuse
  • Includes a signal coupler and 5 splice wire caps
  • Compatible with virutally all major thermostat brands
  • 1-year warrant


iO-W1-100 Wire One Product Brochure

iO Wire One Installation Guide