Outdoor Unit Equipment Pad for Mini Split


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Mini Split Equipment Pad – For Outdoor Unit

Size : 18″ x 38″ x 3″

DiversiTech’s most popular pad due to its rugged durability, strength, and clean looks.

  • Post-consumer recycled polypropylene for lightweight yet more durable heft that is unaffected by UV or weather
  • Generous ribbing underneath the pad spreads the load evenly and ensures pad strength
  • Top texture helps prevent equipment from moving and enhances stability
  • Drillable for securing the outdoor unit. Recommended bracket item number is 554

Does not crack, flake, or warp when tested per ASTM D2299 with refrigerants, synthetic canine urine, compressor oil or salt solution (of 20% by volume)

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Mini Split Equipment Pad – For Outdoor Unit


E-Lite® is a polypropylene plastic mounting pad designed to support HVAC outdoor units and other outdoor equipment. These pads are a great environmentally friendly alternative to concrete equipment pads, thanks to the recycled content and low raw material usage when formed. The rugged design and optimized rib-pattern provide for excellent support on soil and gravel terrain. Available in both 2″ and 3″, depending on local building code requirements.


  • Lightweight, durable, and exceptionally strong
  • Textured top surface to reduce slippage
  • Concrete gray color
  • Unaffected by UV exposure or extreme weather
  • Drillable for securing unit (¼ x 1-¼” Tapcon® recommended)


Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 6 × 6 in


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