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electricSchwank Indoor/Outdoor Heater

electricSchwank Indoor/Outdoor Heater – With smaller, sleeker profiles, electricSchwank heating systems offer a streamlined, yet effective heating solution for any indoor or outdoor space. They are available in a range of sizes, wattages and voltages that can provide appropriate warmth to any indoor or outdoor area, from a small room to an expansive open-air commercial space. See documents for dimensional data.


  •  Models range from 500 to 6000 Watts
  • Available in 120V, 208V, 240V, 277V, and 480V options for a
    wide range of applications.
  • Flush Mount option to make heater blend in with any structure
  • Single stage or 2 stage option for a high or low heat setting
  • Stainless steel finish – custom colors available in black,
    white, beige, and mineral bronze

Installation Instructions

This heater must be permanently installed and hard wired by a licensed electrician in accordance with local electrical codes. Assembly procedure must be performed with no electrical power to unit.
Step 1: Check UL/CUL/CE rating label on heater for proper voltage.
Step 2: Follow supplied wiring instructions. [See wiring instructions below]
Step 3: Heater must be mounted with reflector angled down [maximum 60° from horizontal].
Step 4: All electrical connections must be in compliance with the National Electric Code [NEC] and local codes for outdoor wiring.
Step 5: Use only wiring components UL/CUL/CE listed for outdoor use with IPX4 minimum rating.

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19", 33", 39", 61"


500 Watts, 750 Watts, 1,000 Watts, 1,500 Watts, 2,000 Watts, 2,500 Watts, 3,000 Watts, 4,000 Watts, 5,000 Watts, 6,000 Watts


120v, 208v, 240v


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electricSchwank Heater Selection Guide

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