ecoSchwank High Intensity Heater – Natural Gas


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ecoSchwank High Intensity Heater – Natural Gas

ecoSchwank High Intensity Heater – ecoSchwank heaters, efficient and economical High Intensity Infrared Heaters. Designed for industrial, warehouse heating and commercial use, ecoSchwank infrared gas heaters are clean and efficient radiant heaters that have the highest efficiency rating in its North American class.

By converting up to 52%* of the gas input into radiant heat, the ecoSchwank heater is great for warehouse heating, with the ability to heat a large space with high ceilings while minimizing operation costs.

Conventional heaters only heat the surrounding air with the warmest air being trapped near the ceiling. ecoSchwank overhead heaters provide infrared heat waves that radiate down to ground level where the heat can be absorbed by people and objects.

The Eco-Friendly Infrared Heating Solution

The IR high intensity eco line of Schwank heaters is ideal for:

  • Indoor industrial & commercial applications
  • High ceiling heating requirements
  • Warehouse heaters
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Larger energy requirements
  • Tight budget projects

Plus, by installing an ecoSchwank infrared heater you can earn up to 10 LEED points!

Key Features of ecoSchwank High Intensity Heaters

People can’t stop talking about the major features that make the ecoSchwank infrared heater best in its class, including:

  • Up to 52%* radiant energy conversion rates
  • Green technology that reduces fuel costs and CO2 emissions by up to 35%
  • Ability to reach full operation in just 2 minutes
  • Innovative ceramic tile design, which increases radiant efficiency and reduces fuel costs

Infrared Heaters with Outstanding Performance

IR or radiant efficiency measures the amount of heat that actually warms people, not the surrounding air. Schwank gas infrared radiant heaters deliver outstanding performance because of the innovative technology and strict production standards behind our overhead infrared heaters.

Compare Infrared Heater Advantages between the different Schwank high intensity heaters. Learn more about our High Intensity Heat technology.

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