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duraSchwank Tube Heater 120v

duraSchwank Tube Heater 120v – The duraSchwank is a heavy duty yet efficient radiant tube heater designed for wet indoor and outdoor applications. With all the design features of the popular duraSchwank outdoor tube heater, the duraSchwank also includes a corrosion-resistant and moisture-resistant burner enclosure, plus heater tube and reflector system.

This means that the duraSchwank is suitable for all industrial and commercial spaces that may be wet, damp or contain airborne contaminants. These radiant tube heaters are truly an efficient “wet” gas heating system that also operates cleanly and efficiently to reduce your carbon footprint.

In fact, duraSchwank infrared tube heaters hold one of the highest energy efficiency ratings in all of North America converting up to 50% of gas input into usable radiant energy. This radiant energy is immediately absorbed by everyone below unlike conventional heaters that only warm the surrounding air, which can often reach ceiling temperatures in excess of 120°F [50°C].

Radiant Heating Solutions for Damp Environments

At Schwank we take care to design and manufacture affordable low intensity Radiant Tube Heaters that can withstand constant exposure to damp or wet environments. The corrosion and moisture-resistant burner enclosure withstands liquid and airborne contaminants to protect your investment for years to come. See our page on Radiant Tube Heater Technology.

Even with all the upgrades to improve operation in damp environments the duraSchwank includes all of Schwank’s outstanding radiant tube heater energy efficiency features:

  • Operational radiant efficiency of up to 50%*
  • Energy savings of up to 50%
  • Green technology: fuel costs and CO2 emissions reduced by up to 50%

* Radiant factor of a 130,000 BTU/hr premierSchwank measured by DVGW laboratory according to DIN EN 416-2

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