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The Young Regulator Model CVDxx is a round damper designed to deliver a pressure-independent, calibrated maximum airflow. The airflow setting is adjustable over a wide range of flows. Flow can be adjusted manually but not by end users. The asymmetrical blade positions itself to restrict free area as the flow increases thus providing pressure-independent control without the need for electrical connections. The unit is made of heavy-gauge steel. It is available in stainless steel. (Contact the factory for more details)

There are two ways to configure the CVDRs. By themselves they provide flow up to a preset airflow. Add a motor and now they can maintain one airflow when the motor is unenergized and a different higher set-point when the motor is energized.(Application Example: day/night — occupied/unoccupied

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The Round Constant Volume Damper is part of Young Regulator’s growing Constant Volume Device Family. This technology is fairly new here in the States but has been in use in Europe for quite some time. These products provides the designer confidence that the system will operate as she has designed it. We have solutions for all of your pressure-independent requirements.




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