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Video Transcript

This video provides an overview of the Big Ass fans Preventive Maintenance Program. Along with TBC Supply, Big Ass Fans is dedicated to providing top-level performance and unrivaled service for its customers. The Preventive Maintenance Program ensures that your fans maintain effective operation so you can work in comfort for years to come.

You can count on expertise. Get the job done right with licensed, factory-trained experts. And protect your investment with professional care.

The Program offers convenience. Reduce facility downtime with faster cleaning and inspection. And enjoy rapid service from our coast-to-coast network of certified technicians. Guarantee your fan’s safe and effective operation. And know you can trust the long-term support from the industry leader.

You also have the ability to customize your program. Big Ass Fans offers flexible program options. Our experts will create a detailed survey of your facility’s layout and build a custom program based on several factors: model and quantity of your fans, placement and accessibility of the fans within your facility, and special considerations.

With preventive maintenance from Big Ass Fans, your investment in your facility’s comfort will deliver results year after year. Our factory-certified experts have serviced thousands of fans and have the tools to work quickly and efficiently. An annual program visit includes a complete cleaning and inspection that covers everything you need to keep your Big Ass Fans in perfect working order—and keep your people comfortable and productive.

Big Ass Fans’ Preventive Maintenance Program includes a comprehensive range of professional services and fully satisfies the maintenance requirements for your fan’s warranty. Here are some of the services provided:

  • Dedicated project management from Big Ass Fans headquarters.
  • Site visit from a factory-certified expert.
  • 30-point inspection and cleaning of fans.
  • Promptly communicated service results.
  • Clear and thorough maintenance records.
  • And follow-up to resolve any identified issues.

Nobody Does It Better! Trust your fan maintenance to the industry leader. Choosing our factory-certified team means avoiding the risk of common mistakes from third-party service providers.

  • Product damage and compromised safety systems.
  • Incomplete or improper cleaning and inspection.
  • Or failure to identify and resolve potential problems.

Contact your TBC Supply representative to take advantage of this program or for any questions or additional details.