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Video Transcript

This video takes a look at key fan distance guidelines when installing Big Ass Fan, including general clearance guidelines and National Fire Protection Association Compliance.

General Clearance Guidelines state that you should space the fans at a center-to-center distance that is at least 2.5 times the fan diameter.

  • The fan installation area must be free of obstructions such as lights, cables, sprinklers, or other building structure components.
  • The minimum clearance from obstructions should be no less than 2 ft. (610 mm) in all directions. Ceiling and wall clearance require specific consideration based on model and size of fan.
  • The fan must be installed so that the airfoils are at least 10 ft. (3 m) above the finished floor (unless otherwise noted).
  • The fan must be installed so that it is plumb to the ground (unless column-mounted).

In order to comply with the National Fire Protection Association guidelines for sprinkler systems, all HVLS ceiling-mounted Big Ass Fans that are installed in the United States must incorporate a means of automatic shutdown upon detection of water flow in the sprinkler system. Big Ass Fans installed in buildings in the United States that are equipped with sprinkler systems, including Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) sprinklers, must comply with the following guidelines to adhere to the NFPA13 standard.

  • Each fan must be approximately centered between four adjacent sprinklers.
  • The vertical distance from the fan to the sprinkler deflector must be a minimum of 3 ft (914 mm).
  • All fans must be interlocked to shut down immediately upon receiving a water flow signal from the alarm system.
  • Each fan subject to this standard is shipped with an ESFR interface to accommodate the requirements.

Big Ass Fans feature multiple redundant safety features, making them the safest in their class. They also take that security one step further with their available certified installations and preventive maintenance to ensure Big Ass Fans stay in peak operating condition.

Contact your TBC Supply representative with any questions or for additional details.

This video is intended for reference only and to provide a quick summary. The fan and fan accessories must be installed according to the instructions provided in the installation guide and all safety guidelines must be followed.