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Dependable Performance. Genuine Value.

If you choose a Gibson residential HVAC unit, you will not be disappointed. At Gibson we push the value of a dollar by offering products for a complete value. Each of our units are factory checked using a patented process known as Demand Flow Technology™ (DFT). While other HVAC manufacturers will use random testing to ensure the quality of their products, Gibson uses a computer automated process to test each system before it makes its way to your home or business. We are the only heating and air conditioning manufacturer that is DFT-certified, and we are proud of it.

Hard working Gibson home air conditioners offer peak performance at a price suited for any budget and need


A powerful home air conditioner is going to be your best friend when temperatures soar. Not only that, but each Gibson air conditioner is durable and designed to last for years and years. Each Gibson home air conditioner is solidly built with a durable wire guard that protects the interior components. Not to mention, all units are factory-checked 100% before being shipped and installed in your home – ensuring best practices were used during manufacturing.


For highly-efficient performance and better indoor temperature control, choose this home air conditioner that delivers up to 16 SEER cooling power. The outdoor section features single-stage cooling technology and combines with our variable-speed indoor section to provide the best in cooling comfort.


For a more budget-friendly system that still has the great air-mixing capabilities offered by a variable-speed motor in the indoor component, this 14-SEER home air conditioner can be the system for your home.


This hardworking, economical home air conditioner is ideal for homeowners that want powerful air conditioning at a great value. An old home air conditioner from the past may only be rated at 10 SEER – significantly lower than even minimum efficiency units sold today.

These hard-working units provide both heating and cooling power

By selecting a tough Gibson heat pump, you can positively impact your home’s comfort levels. Our heat pump units provide exceptional cooling capabilities during the summer and then are able to reverse the cooling process to provide a more economical solution to spring and fall heating. Each of our heat pumps is built to last and positively impact your wallet through lower up-front costs and efficient performance. They are also 100% checked to ensure continued quality and proper operation.

GIbson offers packaged options that provide powerful heating and cooling capabilities without breaking the bank

Heavy-duty HVAC packaged systems can be a great option for you if you don’t have room indoors for the interior component of a split-system air conditioner or heat pump. Each dependable unit is backed with the 10-Year Limited All-Parts Warranty in addition to the limited lifetime warranty for the heat exchanger – when you register your HVAC packaged system.

Gibson offers 3 types of packaged systems

Each HVAC packaged system is protected with a plastic mesh, engineered to protect the coil against flying debris. All gas/electric packaged units feature the SmartLite control board, which programs the ignitor to adapt to the furnaces’ heat-up characteristics – extending ignitor life.


Small footprint systems are known for their ease of installation. In addition to the durability and performance that comes with this 14-SEER unit, it will be easier for your contractor to install. With a small footprint system, your contractor can install the unit right next to your home. 


These powerful units are long-lasting and can be installed on a slab or roof. They also include heavy-gauge, full-perimeter base rails for easy mounting and handling. Your contractor will have easy access to its interior if a repair ever needs to be made through convenient service access panels. 


If you need your heating and cooling components in a convenient packaged system setup, explore the benefits of a quality Gibson gas pack. These all-in-one heating and cooling systems contain the components of a furnace and air conditioner in one convenient package. 

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